Home space carries more and more needs and dreams of residents. People's life how much color, residential space will have many changes. Space awakens vitality with its own unique language.

German Romanticism shows from the illusory beauty to the real truth. It is full of strong will to life, which can make people face the reality and the joys and sorrows of life, and seek the meaning of survival in such life. The truth it embodies is the truth of the heart and spirit.

In the process of expressing emotions and imagining the world, Romanticism internalizes the humanistic ideal of classicism into a spiritual pursuit. This spiritual pursuit is based on the doubt and reflection of the rationalist culture at that time, and also comes from the real life feeling of the Romantics. (Excerpt: The Aesthetic Evolution of the Object of Expression in German Romanticism)

YD living room series shows the individuality and freedom of German romantic aesthetics.

YD series uses simple forms such as square, triangle and circle to make abstract expression, and combines a variety of future necessities full of artistic atmosphere to reproduce the concept of geometric abstraction and constructivism to seek inner self-feeling and self-expression.

The combination of various materials, colors and forms best represents the origin of Bauhaus style and one of the classic designs of minimalist design in the future