Scene display


Uptown round coffee table

The SC series continues to explore the relationship between the volume sense line and the transformation, expressing thick and tense,

A coffee table with sculptural performance, a sculpture full of tension and balance


Basic diagram

thebhs小红书、上城系列 - 1.jpg

thebhs小红书、上城系列 - 2.jpg

thebhs小红书、上城系列 - 3.jpg

thebhs小红书、上城系列 - 4.jpg


Show the details

thebhs小红书、上城系列 - 6.jpg

thebhs小红书、上城系列 - 10.jpg

Full of tension and balance of the sculpture, feel warm and smooth, bring warm and reserved, elegant and elegant quality

#04 Production process


About the TT-SC2023 video

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