YD Origin 1933 lounge chair

Since the advent of the bauhuas pole chair,

Metal furniture is also a part of the modern room. It is styleless and cold, but with strong machine aesthetics.

1933 chair designer w follows the concept of "the new unity of art and technology" of bauhaus and prefers 1933 chair to have emotions in the design, which are somewhat negative -- distorted. Feldenkrais once said, "All the negative emotions have been expressed in the flexure action. 1933 chair positioning emotion, clear shape.

The harmonious aesthetic feeling of the bending of the stainless steel tube and the warm seat surface faintly shows the aesthetic hierarchy and the delicate emotional pursuit of w, and overflows the delicate relationship between the body and emotion of w, leading the audience to feel calm.

You can sit with an adjustable recline, you can choose a half reclining seat, 1933 chair has matching footstool,

1933 The chair is made of stainless steel tube and welded to form the main frame. The surface has two options of mirror and wire drawing. The soft coat is made of velvet fabric and cofskin, with a variety of color choices