Uptown lounge chair


SC Uptown series explores the rigorous treatment of abstract and rational beauty. SC2022 focuses on the thick and tension of metal texture, and how to deal with the proportion of volume sense, line turn, which is very boring. Therefore, TY-SC2 is named boring chair, a simple visual sense and pure expression without distractions!



1. Sculpture leisure chair full of tension and sense of balance

2. Curved backrest

3. Hand-sewn craft thread

4. multi-color optional,

5.TY-SC2, a sculptural leisure chair, has a distinct sense of logo in the living space.


Material and Structure


All steel frame construction


All-polyurethane cotton liner


Finish color: 

Dark grey flannel 

Blue flannel cloth 

Dark coffee green skin 

Show red and green skin 

Black and blue skin 

Grey matte green leather