The appearance design of DD sofa is well integrated into the design elements of DD endpoint series, each oval component overlapping each other, appearance design and structure, function, perfect combination arrangement;

The head position of the DD end sofa can be turned up and turned into a high back sofa to meet the different needs of your back or head.

The hardware frame structure is adopted, and the detail design of the hardware support foot completely interprets the design concept of DD;

Designers configured the advanced gray system, to provide light gray and gray two colors, the use of high-tech cloth, three-dimensional velvet two kinds of standard fabric fabric, as well as the advanced gray matte full configuration;

2020 edition of DD sofa specially designed ancient golden DD element pillow, make the sofa more elegant temperament;

DD end sofa provides non-standard fabric customization, optional (BHS A, B, C, D, AL, AAL) all levels of varieties of coat. BHS designers recommend that you choose anti-fouling high-tech exterior


1) Hardware and pine combined structure

2) The sofa seat cushion is equipped with high rebound polyurethane foam, which can ensure good comfort and elasticity for a long time.

3) The layer is equipped with soft land bird down, the pillow is equipped with polyurethane foam, outsourcing feather

And polyurethane foam blocks to make the pillows fluffy and supportive.

4) The legs are metal black nickel plating wire drawing process