1. 1. The slim outer frame and embedded door panel, the seamless connection of the panels and the diagonal 45 degree connection are the biggest features and selling points of CT4 series products.

  2. 2. The outer frame and the inner bucket are designed in different colors, and the drawer panel can be replaced and matched at will to create products suitable for different decoration styles;

  3. 3. The support foot adopts the "embossing" type manufacturing technology, the whole is very fine and generous;

  4. 4.CT4 is a series of products with strong combination, which can be combined with DIY style freely: TV cabinet in living room, storage cabinet, Western food cabinet, nightstand, reference cabinet, bookcase and display

  5. Cabinets and so on, to meet the requirements of different rooms.

  6. Material: MDF MDF, hardware support.

  7. Finish: Multi-colored