Redefine the meaning of a room: Create a transient state that is fluid

The pure form and concise color block create a highly infectious flexible artistic conception for the space. Primary colors are conducive to a lighter, more calm collocation scheme. The contrast of depth and height makes the visual effect more prominent. Combined with the line structure, it presents a spatial logic that focuses on simplicity and functionality.


Line and structure

The single-layer floating cushion design breaks the fixed structure of the original convention of the leisure chair, and makes subtraction on the frame to overcome the appearance of the sense of weight. GLPS has a simple, geometric style, with a variety of combination options to meet the needs of different rooms. "Only the perfect harmony of the proportions of technology, function and form can produce beauty," said Walter Gropius.

Practical and aesthetically pleasing design is essential to achieving the good life, and whether it is realistic or abstract, curved or geometric, contemporary design is consistent in its desire to constantly explore new ideas and push boundaries. Design is not just about aesthetics, but how to adapt aesthetics to everyday use.