1. The design of the petal sofa should express the shape of the petals. The backrest and armrest are like open petals, giving you the feeling of being surrounded by petals.

2.HB5 sofa is a sofa with pure hardware structure, which will have some elasticity, which is exactly to show

3. The backrest of HB5 sofa with different heights, armrests and backrest are scattered and stacked, just like flowers in full bloom.

4.HB5 thickened single-layer cushion, with high legs, comfortable sitting;

5.HB5 sofa around the use of thick piping manufacturing process,

6.BHS designers have designed a variety of single pieces for HB5 sofa, which can be used alone or combined into a combination of different sizes to meet the needs of different bedroom sizes.


1. Soft bag: hardware inner frame, high rebound polyurethane foam, with fabric coat;

2. Supporting foot: zinc die casting, gold plated titanium brushed finish.