HB6 petal sofa has a kind of enthusiastic vitality, is also a kind of dream and symbol, seemingly free, light, unfettered, is also the subconscious lyric, fantasy form.

Each backrest and armrest can be twisted arbitrarily to form a variety of abstract asymmetrical forms, which can be novel and fun.

HB6 petals can also be straight and upright.

The design of high back and armrest, like open petals, gives you the feeling of being surrounded by petals.

HB6 sofa is a hardware structure sofa with some elasticity. It is this structure design that makes HB6 especially soft and comfortable.

HB6 petals provides three types of single pieces for three people, two people and foot, which can be used alone or combined into a combination of different sizes of sofa, namely: 3, 2 combination, 3 people lying combination, to meet the different sizes of the room.

The matching color of the waist pillow turns into a variety of colors.

You can choose non-standard A, B, C, D, E different grades of fabric, you can also customize leather AL.

HB6 petal sofa provides specially designed supporting products, can make your living environment more infectious.


1. Frame: pine structure,

2. Sofa seat cushion: equipped with high rebound polyurethane foam, land bird down,

3. Supporting foot: metal plating supporting foot.