DD endpoint sofa 2022 edition, increased the length size of 2800mm, so as to leave more space in the living room, super long type A is a good choice.

Designers equipped with advanced gray system, provide light gray and medium gray two colors, the use of high-tech cloth, three-dimensional velvet two kinds of standard fabric fabric, as well as all kinds of colors of 3AL advanced cowhide configuration;

The appearance design of DD sofa is well integrated into the design elements of DD endpoint series, each oval component overlapping each other, appearance design and structure, function, perfect combination arrangement;

DD sofa has complete supporting products: solid wood leisure chair with beautiful lines and elliptic arc body organic combination, the appearance of some strange stool, sculptural sense of multiple DD coffee table series, unique modeling to convey rounded and elegant lamps series, and more decorative pieces...

The head position of the DD end sofa can be turned up and turned into a high back sofa to meet the different needs of your back or head.

DD endpoint sofa adopts hardware frame structure, hardware support foot detail design also fully interprets the design concept of DD.

DD sofa specially designed ancient golden DD element pillow, make the sofa more elegant temperament;

Mild, reserved, cold and noble, savoring the pious life of his faith,

Complex inside, secret, but interesting everywhere.