YD Athens soft bed 2022, changeable shape, can increase the sense of hierarchy of the bedroom, make the overall environment more spacious, low landing design, let a person have a pure heart dizzying feeling, but also make the bedroom environment more youthful personality.

Soft square combination form smooth elegant super soft comfortable experience

· Athens Bed 2022 Athens Bed can have more choices

· Double bed with 180 mattresses

· King double bed with 200 mattresses

· Standard double bed with 150 beds

· Single beds with 120 mattresses are also available

The most important feature of Athens bed customization is that the side or tail of the bed can be widened to meet your needs of extra large space and personality

Super soft! The indistinct color craft line of the coat adds more details to the simple shape, showing a softer sense of advanced, but also more design sense


YD Athens bed side or bed tail can be widened to meet your needs of large space and personality

The bed side is designed in two widths, you can choose the style according to the demand of space, which is also the biggest characteristic of Athens bed.

YD Athens bed coat selected science and technology fabric, cotton, linen, cofskin three kinds of standard coat, each coat has a variety of colors to choose, you can also choose leather coat (BL, AL, AAL)

Athens bed accessories: round nightstand, square nightstand, there are many choices of finishes, with the choice of 2 different styles of nightstand, let the bedroom more personality

Soft bed accessories, cotton linen bedding

Cotton and hemp meet soft bed, comfort closely with you, cotton and hemp is like your destination, let you enjoy silence and safety in the chaotic world, it should also be a necessary single item in the bedroom life

The advantage of pure linen is that it can be used all year round, and you can choose colors that coordinate with the room

Covers are also one of the main bedding items that can be used for decoration,

· The cover quilt is quilted with two patterns, namely, a monogram and a cross, with simple and lightweight design.

· The fabric is made of cotton and hemp, which is skin-friendly and soft. The inner core is Xinjiang cotton, breathable and warm.

· Spring and summer can be used as a quilt, autumn and winter can be used as a cover.