Comfortable, skin-friendly YD2022 

combination sofa, square geometry, pure visual feeling, large size combination atmosphere, steady, small size combination also fresh, super comfortable experience, super soft, sitting feeling very comfortable, sitting in it, all-round skin feeling, comfortable do not want to get up!


Solid wood frame structure design, solid and reliable! Multi-layer cushion structure design, snake-shaped spring plus elastic band, the bottom layer of high resilience polyamide resin, long-term support deformation, mezzanine super-soft high resilience structure to feel comfortable, soft special-shaped cotton, poultry feathers to relax the body



The indistinct color of the coat craft line, let simple modelling add more details (can recommend according to the demand red, yellow, blue, brown four kinds of lines to match at will. Designer recommends color: blue craft line)

Designer for Yd Sofa with anti-pollution technology, cotton, linen, cowhide three standard jacket; each jacket has three color choices;



If you want to match more rich, can match the ball, ultra-thin pillow let your bedroom show more colorful!

Yd Athens is postmodernism

Emphasizing its own pure and noble quality, the shape and size of the same square, “Minimalism” artistic point of view, creating a distinctive visual effect to arouse the viewer's rich feelings and awareness. Variable Combination, DIY order split design, cushion, backrest, armrest, a few monomer can bring more combination:



Customization can be customized to different colors and styles