Product Description:

YD series uses simple forms such as square, triangle and circle to make abstract expression, and combines a variety of future necessities full of artistic atmosphere to reproduce the concept of geometric abstraction and constructivism to seek inner self-feeling and self-expression. YD origin leisure chair series, round straight legs, semi-circular arc shape design, the best performance of Bauhaus style origin, one of the future minimalist design of the classic design,

YD origin leisure chair provides you with high and low rely on specifications to choose, to meet your needs of space size, high rely to give you the feeling of surrounded, in addition to YD origin outdoor high rely style leisure chair, can be placed on the balcony, this quarter BHS designers to provide you with the best color scheme, blue gray, pink velvet fabric and coarse fabric with walnut solid wood chair frame,

YD origin leisure series, the design of the same series of a number of small edge several, including solid wood and hardware, with YD origin leisure chair form a matching match, let you

The room is rich and unique.