XY cloud leisure chair

Flow long arc curve, expression design is dynamic XY travel cloud leisure chair is the appearance of features, chair cushion for inward design, the line is vivid and smooth, intended to express the curves of the flow of clouds.

XY cloud leisure chair Z-type process line, also fill the cloud leisure chair more line sense. Can be matched with the sofa combination, can also be placed in the bedroom collocation, XY leisure as a leisure chair single product, can be placed independently in a more private position, can also be placed into a business negotiation combination;

TY-XY Xingyun leisure chair, there are two kinds of foot styles, hardware and solid wood foot, but also provides a high lean, low lean choice;

Designers for XY leisure chair configuration of "cotton cashmere class" as the standard coat fabric, and matching a number of colors, namely: blue, green, light coffee, dark coffee, etc., can meet your space a variety of color collocation.