A patchwork of geometric shapes; "I wanted to trace the coffee table on the handrail with a simple line," using a balance of shape and color to tell the spatial story; There's no one who doesn't like a theme that can fit into any space.

THEBHS YD 2022: The Origin series

It is a series of juxtapositions of pure lines and geometric shapes, inspired by ideas that go beyond canvas to connect art with space.

The origin applies in any space

Origin side several blue, red or black and white options, when combined with a simple form, the color does not have to be complex, can be eye-catching and bright.

Draw a simple shape that makes the character of the object disappear; Setting it up individually, or assembling each part together as a building block, can be determined by space.

Infinite imagination space

The use of color and line creates a playful and frank composition that resonates with the simplicity of the living space.

Origin is committed to this more extreme life of "subtractive embellishment of the whimsical, as if to reveal themselves to the world".