The diamond shaped concept design of the lounge chair

L Diamond chair leisure chair is a diamond shaped leisure chair, with outer armrest, tilted back, can rest on the head, do feel comfortable, equipped with foot, suitable for the study and leisure area.

Diamond Lounge chair - Color matching

TY-L leisure chair, with a variety of color fabrics to match the color, a good performance of the shape of the diamond, the sense of overlapping colors strengthen the characteristics of the lounge chair, placed in the home space more eye-catching.

L Diamond leisure chair (color matching) selected 6 fabrics for color matching, respectively

Grey coffee flannelette 7033-03

Blue flannel 7033-29

Red flannel BN50-13

Purple flannel BN50-22

Green flannel BN50-09

Grey coffee flannelette 7033-03


Color Mosaic scheme

Gray main body color/gray purple red green

Blue matching color: blue gray


Monochrome scheme

In addition, the monochrome standard also highlights the color, cashmere has orange, red, purple, velvet has purple, blue and so on

You can also customize more colors